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WiFi Marketing Platforms are starting to become more noticeable in the market place. This is giving marketers more options to choose from which
is great. The bad news is, a lot of these WiFi Marketing Platforms are limited to what they can perform. So the next question is, what are you looking
to do for that business?

For us, we needed a Social WiFi Marketing Platform that could be White Labeled for our resellers and the abilities to do far more tasks than anything
on the market. It’s better to have more than you need then not be able to deliver what a business owner needs. With our WiFi marketing Opportunity
and Wifi Marketing Platform we give all our resellers the opportunity to turn on and turn off functions. This allws for multiple upsells to the business.

Most White Label WiFi Marketing Platforms are not what they seem. What you will find is the support is really bad. The business model is broken
and the average person will never make it as a WiFi Marketing Business. We say this because we put a complete business in a box together after we
have had success in the Mobile Marketing industry. Something else you will notice about other WiFi Marketing Platforms… WiFi is all they offer. Our
system is a complete Mobile Marketing Agency! What does that mean to you? YOu can now offer the following to a business owner, WiFi Marketing, Mobile Websites,
sms/mms text, QR codes, NFC Tags, Passbook Passes, Mobile Wallet Loyalty, Apple Pay and more.

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What we have found in this industry of WiFi marketing is that most resellers are not trained properly and they simply just don’t go to work. 10%
of them will be motivated and really do something. 1% of them are go getters and need no support. So with that we decided to create a complete
business in a box. We have a complete plug and play system that allows you to connect us with the owners of a business and we take it from that point.

Our average deal that our resellers are doing gives them an upfront commission of $8,800! This does not even include the residual income! Down
Below you will see a video that explains the power of the residual income that WiFi Marketing Platforms bring to the table. Then again, it has to
be set up for it! Yes other WiFi Marketing Platforms that are Wite Label might say you can do that but all the paper work and details of it are NOT in the platform.
Until now that is! We have this set up flawlessly!

Currently we are looking for partners to secure locations with our Social WiFi marketing Platform. We are looking for resellers who can see the potential
of this huge market. This is NOT an MLM opportunity! Over the next 18-24 months our companuy will create millionaires! The question is, will you be one of them?
Don’t take our word for it. Do your research. Look into mobile marketing as a whole. Look at the trends. You will see the growth curve! We will be here
ready to answer your questions.

In relation to franchise opportunities and the evolution of technology we were able to plug into a system that is already changing the game. We feel that we will
even be able to help those that have suffered in MLM by losing entire downlines, income etc,. create a large monthly income that they dreamed about with MLM.
A TRUE walk away residual income!
Very little start up investment costs
extremely low overhead
available WorldWide
work from home
no hard selling
more freedom
leads provided
top training

Watch and pay attention to the video above. Business opportunities come and go. You don’t want to miss this one. Proven to work and has a step by step plan to follow.
Click this link to learn more and to set up a time for a consultation. http://www.wifireseller.com

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“Wifi reseller opportunities”
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Franchise Opportunities – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFyUDNHCPDU

The Residual Income With WiFi marketing – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldknYBw-Cmo

Get More Information – http://www.5280mobile.net/wifi-reseller

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