Boingnet Agency white label marketing automation platform – As an agency, when things are working as they should…your team operates in perfect harmony. But let’s say Dennis over in sales lands a new Your team has to produce creative for mobile-friendly landing pages, email, micro sites and, direct mail as well as pURLs, analytics and drip email marketing.
Meanwhile you have to manage your existing client base without skipping a beat but then Johnny the web/IT/programming guy decides to go on a very extended vacation.

Oh oh. Not to worry. Welcome to Boingnet.

Boingnet is a cloud based, white label marketing automation platform built for agencies to set up and manage personalized campaigns for email & drip marketing, landing pages, microsites, direct mail pURL and mobile marketing. And guess what, You don’t have to be a programmer or take on the added expense of having to replace good old Johnny. This means that your agency can get back a state of perfect harmony.

Boingnet is affordable, easy to implement and you can try us out for free. So go ahead… Give Boingnet a try

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