DirectMail2.0 – White Label Marketing

Having trouble keeping your print sales up in a digitally dominated world? DirectMail2.0 is your answer. And now you can offer a white label version of DirectMail2.0 to your clients!

How DirectMail2.0 Works:

It starts with direct mail…You know how this part goes. Direct mail is an excellent way to target specific audiences – a stable lead gen tactic. But the next step is where DirectMail2.0 separates itself from the average direct mail Joes.
Then DirectMail2.0 tracks the pieces in the mail…DirectMail2.0 uses a mail tracking barcode and logic-based programming to track the direct mails as they make their way through the USPS system. Plus, it predicts exactly when the direct mails will hit mailboxes. Clients log in to see the progress of their mailing on their online dashboard.
And Google tracks the client’s website visitors…Google tracks your client’s web visitors and displays follow-up ads to any visitors who don’t fill out a form. The text and image ads match the tone and design of the direct mail. Basically: Your clients get an entire online follow-up system for just pennies per direct mail. 
While your clients use their online dashboard to keep track of it all!All DirectMail2.0 campaigns come with a unique phone number that lets us track how many calls the direct mail campaign generates. Clients can log in to their dashboard to see how many calls and online leads they generated. AND they can listen to recorded calls to ensure their team is handling new leads properly. PLUS: You have access to this dashboard, too, so nobody can yank you around with a false claim of “bad results.”

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