Google Marketing Tools – White Label PLR Videos Volume 07

The White Label PLR video set Volume 07, removes the hassles of the learning curve dealing with Google Analytics & Gmail.

Volume 07 details Tons of cool stuff on Gmail from organizing your inbox with labels and the new Tabs feature to generating analytics for your Gmail account using free tools.

One of the many features of Google Analytics is the creation and use of Goals. You are able to quickly and automatically see the strong spots in your sales process but more importantly you can see the weak spots.

This allows you to focus on fixing the weak areas without screwing around with what is already working. Video 15 Walks you through the goal creation process and demonstrates what to use and where to look for those weak areas that require some attention.

These 15 videos are independent from one another so they are a perfect fit for any consulting or training related content you want to pair them with. You can use them as content for your web sites or resell them for 100% profit – even sell them with master resell rights for an even greater offer to your customers.

For an even greater offer, combine some or all of these with other White Label PLR Video Volumes. For example in Volume 02 there are videos on creating a Gmail account, a Google alert & creating forwarders in your Gmail account.

Remember you are receiving the source files so you can edit these videos any way you see fit for an even more unique off to your clients and customers.

For help with editing your videos, there is a 50 plus minute step-by-step video guide inside the members area that demonstrates several video editing ideas and tips. And if you have any questions I’m just an email away.

Thank you again for your interest in my videos.

– Steve Dougherty

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