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Is White Label Firesale 2 a scam or a rip off?
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White Label Firesale 2 is released on September 5th. The launch is running for 1 week and includes 2 upsells both with downsells. So the initial product is $27, the 1st upsell is $37 or $$27 for the down sell and the 2nd upsell is priced at $67 with the downsell for that product being $47 dollars. So the cost for the entire package is between $101 and $141. The cheaper being the cost if you take advantage of the downsells. The product itself is being touted as 10 brand new, 100% original never-before-seen products created and designed to sell like hot cakes in multiple evergreen niches.

Affiliate interest is high so there will be a lot of competition with this product. Unless you are an experienced Affiliate marketer I do not recommend buying this product only to sell it as an affilaiate and hoping to make some quick cash that way.

The 1st launch sold over 1000 copies and paid 60% commissions so you know there will be a lot of top affilaites marketing this thing. This time they are paying %50 cmmissions instantly paid out to your PayPal account via JVZOO.

Lets assume for a minute that you want to buy it and use it as designed. Well, there are tons of courses out there that promise to make you money online. They are not identifying, at this time exactly what the 10 products are, so right now we don’t know whats so unique about this that would offer anything to you to help you with your online endeavors and offer you a better chance of success than one of the more established systems like Bring the Fresh or Empower networl. Keep this in mind that the overwhelming majority of these things under-deliver, don’t do what they promise, don’t fit your needs, or they’re just repackaged old products or even worse, a lot are scams.

The best way to eliminate the danger of loosing your money is by conducting some research Ask and. Answer the following questions:

* How long has the program been in existence?
* What is the potential for long-term profitability?
* What is the target audience?
* How quickly can you begin making money?
* How much money can you expect to make within the first six months?

I would say, in good conscience, after having bought so many of these products myself and wasting thousands of dollars … why invest money in this product, or any other product like it, when you don’t have to? There are better ways to make money from home and you can even do it for FREE.

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White Label Firesale 2 Video Review – http://youtu.be/q-fuI7bocc4

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