SMS Text Message Marketing with a White Label Business Opportunity Unlimited Flat Rate Text Messages

SMS Text Message Marketing with a White Label Business Opportunity. Did you know that 50% of all new internet connections in 2011 came from mobile phones? Did you know that by 2013 that 95% of all Internet connections will be made from a mobile device. More and more people worldwide are accessing the web with their mobile phones, making mobile an important platform for marketers to reach their audience. Mobile creates the opportunity to individually engage with more people than any other channel. Mobile phones today have more ways of connecting people to each other than almost any other medium. People can call, text, MMS, email, IM, post updates to social networking sites, update blogs, post videos online and much, much more. Mobile enables brands to participate in the conversation. We create solutions to help business owners reach their audience on mobile phones and drive results to their bottom line.​ Text Messaging empowers businesses to send “just-in-time” messages when it is most critical for customers to have it. With a 95% Read-Rate – which is better than Print, TV, or Email – text messaging can be used to directly reach customers anytime and anywhere to deliver marketing messages like no other communications channel can provide. The customer need not be in front of their computer to get the message. In our US society it is the most up close and personal way of communicating with your loyal customers.
Employing mobile advertising tools is yet another way to drive business so your brand won’t get lost amid the daily barrage of advertisers bombarding today’s consumers. Our marketing strategies will help place a company’s corporate identity in the spotlight.
As a Private Branded Reseller you will have the platform under your brand that will enable you to sell the hottest mobile marketing tools on the planet. There is still time to cash in on this ground floor opportunity.
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